Jio giga fiber

Jio fiber

Jio giga fiber, jio fiber

Reliance Jio launched Jio GigaFiber fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) a largest broadband service @ 15th August 2018.
Reliance jio invests about 500 billion rupees on Jio giga fiber this is a big investment from reliance jio.

Jio giga fiber features

  • Ultra high speed internet up to 1GBps
  • Television 4k and HD content catch-up TV video calling
  • Smart home solutions : Home surveillance and safety, voice-controlled | Home automation
  • Home voice: HD quality & smart extension (landline number on mobile)

Jio giga fiber internet speed

jio giga fiber speed

Jio fiber speed

JIO Install Jio Router
  • Up to 1 GB/second
  • jio giga fiber maximum internet speed tested is 743.28 MBps in pune by Jio team 
  • Jio fiber download speed 1 GBps
  • Jio fiber upload speed 100 MBps
  1.  Google open loding time 0.56 second
  2. Facebook loading time 0.89 second
  3. YouTube loding time 1.05 second
This is faster than any other Internet provider.

Jio giga fiber registration form 15th august 2018 @ my jio or

People can order jio giga fiber at my jio app or 


  1. Enjoy very high internet speed 
  2. Stream 4K content 
  3. Manage your account
  4. ConnecC multiple devices
  5. Experience hassle-free installation

JIO FIBER : preview unique offer

  1. Experience ultra high speed internet service at your home.
  2. Speed post 100 GB data will be 1 Mbps
  3. refund security deposit of 4500/-
Updated: July 28, 2018 — 11:39 am

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