How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup ?

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup. If you don’t know to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup and searching for  how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages in andorid/iPhone then you are at right place.

Latest trick to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup.

Today I’m going to share how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup ? for recover your important WhatsApp messages.

We have very important chat / messages on WhatsApp.
If we delete our chat accidentally. and we have on any backup. Then how can we recover deleted WhatsApp messages ?

It is very easy and simple trick. If you have no any backup email or never added backup email still you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages.

In this condition,

  • >Go to File Manager 
  •  >WhatsApp folder 
  •  >database folder

You will find some files in this folder.
Note the time and date of these file and the deleting time of texts.

  1. If you deleted text after  this month then delete the files of  this month.
  2. But If you deleted text after this month then delete the file of  this month.
  3. If you deleted text recently and there is no file after deletion so you will not delete any file

I deleted text on  December at : o’clock .There is no file after deletion so I will not delete any file
You just have to confirm that there should not any file after deletion if it is then delete it.

  • Then go to settings
  • > application manager
  • > find WhatsApp
  • > click on WhatsApp
  • > Click on Clear data

You will find all installed application in  application manager
Find WhatsApp here and click on it or uninstall WhatsApp and re install it.

  • Open WhatsApp application
  • And sign in your account again
  • It is showing us a restore option
  • Click on restore
  • You can see that our  messages are restored But we have  messages

It is not showing the  exact numbers of messages but it will restore all messages

>Click on next >Messages are recovered now.
There is our messages that we had deleted

So friend this is the method in which way you can recover your deleted WhatsApp messages without backup.

There is a question
Why are these files in our database folder???
If someone stole these file. Can he read our messages ???

If someone stole this file then he cannot read our messages because WhatsApp messages are encrypted just because of these file he cannot hack or read our messages

And the second thing is
 WhatsApp has  kind of backup First is local backup WhatsApp generate local backup in our phone on daily basis at a specific time The files in our database folder is our local backup.

 WhatsApp generate our local backup on daily basis It doesn’t matter that you have enable email backup or not. If we enable our email backup on WhatsApp.
 WhatsApp will upload these file on our Google Drive and When we want to recover text WhatsApp will download them and Restore our messages from these files.

In short if you have no any email backup on WhatsApp you can recover your messages on the basis of these files

If you have any questions comments below.

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Updated: September 22, 2019 — 8:41 pm

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